I can only sell you products after a speaking with you, ideally after a full consultation. Then I have enough of your medical history e.g. what medication you are on to do what I do. 

I therefore encourage you to fill in the small form with enough info, then you can buy products and enjoy the membership benefits. 

  • Automatic membership to past patients. 
  • Free to join on filling in a form below or via an event, NB. confirmation from Dan needed. 
  • Discounted Events and Offers.
  • Access to my online apothecary shop. 
  • Keep you connected to the world of herbal permaculture. 
  • Makes a Skype consultation more reliable having case history notes. 
  • Allows me to send you herbal medicines with the knowledge of having your case history notes. 


All past patients are automatically members. 

Those new to herbaculture and Dan Wheals please apply via the following ways: 

  • copy and paste the purple text and add your info and details then return by email or by post. dano@herbaculture.co.uk, 07717793347 or Dan Wheals M.N.I.M.H., Herbaculture, Stour House, 23 Bridge Street, Bures, Colchester, Essex CO8 5AD (I print off and delete all digital traces of your information. I store your data on paper only (locked) and refer to you in my records as a code to protect your personal data.) 
  • Or just write down the purple text by hand on paper and once filled in send to me. 
  • I will have forms with me at clinics and events.


Contacts:  Address, Phone 


N.B. you will be added to my monthly mailing newsletter. 

Interested in apprenticeships and learning about herbal medicine?   Y/N, comments

Interested in Growing/ harvesting/ medicine making?   Y/N, comments

Interested in Walks/ Talks?   Y/N, comments

GP & GP Surgery: 

Medical History (this can be a rewarding task to learn about yourself. Don't be afraid to go in depth)

Medicines you are taking: 

Supplements you are taking: 

What do you want help with? 

If you have symptoms can you name each one and rate it using the following MYMOP numbers by rating the level of your current problems. symptoms:  

(as good as it can be)         to         (as bad as it can be).

symptom 1________________________   good     0   1   2   3   4   5   6     bad

symptom 2________________________   good     0   1   2   3   4   5   6     bad

symptom 3________________________   good     0   1   2   3   4   5   6     bad

This Space is for Questions to ask during a consultation:





£5 off subsequent herbal consultation or massage for every referral you send my way.   £5 off for them too. You both benefit.                                                       

Bring the MEMBERSHIP form and I can check it face to face which gives more time for your therapy (esp useful in 1 hour massage slots)

50% off all Events and Workshops/ Talks/ Herb Walks    Applies to events that I am organising. I can't always control the price if say talking to a WI group or being invited in by other organisers. 

Newsletter Monthly Updates. sign up here


Online Herbaculture Apothecary Store - Not open to the public. If I  have your membership form with your case history, I can refer to it when you ask for herbs. The store will start simple with email requests initially and a phone call from me follow up. This is not to replace crucial follow up consultations but designed for continuing treatment (repeat prescriptions). I may refuse you requests or insist you see me in person. 


50ml in dropper bottle £6.50

100ml tincture £10

200ml tincture £18

500ml tincture £40

Postage  min £5

Other medicines price on asking (p.o.a.)


IRRITABLE SKIN SOOTHER   (Blue Chamomile Cream, eczema, bites, rashes)

SKIN REPAIR  (Comfrey and Frankincense) 

FUNGLE FOOT - Neem based ointment.



Calming Floral

Tea also tailored to your needs. 


Digestive: Slippery Elm Powder 


Red Rice Yeast 


Vit B complex

Essential oils


Tea Tree