Herbal Apprenticeships

You want to learn more about herbal medicine, about the plants that grow about us. 

Enjoy a sustainable socially useful way of life or just learn something new. 

APPRENTICESHIPS are a model that are becoming popular since the introduction of tuition fees in universities has led to less university courses. The Online courses give you the flexibility to suit your lifestyle. They have been created by The National Institute of Herbal Medicine with a company called Heartwood. There are great tutors, student interaction and the courses are much cheaper if bought via your local herbalist (me). 

I only take on apprentices if they are willing to learn about plants, to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. You will also need to be a member of Herbaculture (free). You will have a structured online course to work from and I will add workshops on growing herbs, potential residentials in Suffolk, lessons on permaculture principles and provide guidance in your learning.

PRICES:   £50/ day   (hoping for max 4 apprentices)

There will also be herbaBlitz days when you can learn by doing - no charge but please bring food to share. 

STEP ONE: Become a Herbaculture MEMBER by filling in a form. This is Free. 

Become a Herbaculture MEMBER

STEP TWO: Get in Touch and put any WORKSHOP DATES from the Events Page in your diary.  

Events and Workshops with Dan Wheals M.N.I.M.H.

Help Needed: 

* Videos to promote apprenticeships needed. Can you hold the camera? can you edit? would you video your experience as an apprentice? 

* Various other videos needed.

* Organise a herb walk. I join to help you present a herb walk to your friends in your local area. 

* Adopt a herb: Choose one herb to research and present your findings online. 

* Gardening workshops are seasonal and there will always be cuttings and plants to buy.