Orthodox Medicine is the norm for most of us and I propose that herbal medicine can be used alongside it. INTEGRATED MEDICINE therefore takes the best of both world. 

I would love it if doctors could refer patients to a herbalist. Herbs can work really well and are a great option before the more serious drug treatments are started that often have lifelong impact for the patient.

There are so many issues to discuss here, my main aim as a herbalist is to create links with my local doctors and health professionals to show them what herbs can do, so they can trust me as a herbalist as I have trained for four years and know my limitations. I wish I could shadow a GP or ward rounds.

I am happy to do CPD talks for health professionals

Please ask about the monthly discussion group open to local herbalists and doctors, nurses and other heath professionals and my apprentices to talk about health topics. 

I refer more detailed enquiries to the National Institute of Medical Herbalsits

As Herbaculture CIC takes shape ( I will have exciting plans for GP gardens and working on a social prescription referral scheme.  I also have a £10,000 proposal for working with patient groups in a GP surgery in the Community Medicine section  Please click here for more details.  (It will need tweaking to fit your location)