Personal and Family: £200/day

Take advantage of my skills with a home visit evenings, weekends or daytime. The choice of what I can help you with is yours.  I charge by time so 4hours (half day £140) and 7hours (whole day £200). I generally do less planning for this with herbal medicine consultations and massage the normal activities with perhaps garden design included. 

Organisations:   £400/ day

I charge by time so 4hours (half day £140) and 7hours (whole day £200). However with groups some planning is needed, maybe a visit to you beforehand and as a rule I double the fee to reflect planning. This works well for workshops. I can discuss price when multiple days/ regular bookings made and charities without money please still get in touch.

Corporate Days: £600/day

Whole day workshops, massage, outdoor walks, consultations as well as facilitating Corporate Social Responsibility Days Out. As well as all this I write a report, take photos and include a celebration element to the day. Ideal for team morale. Based on 10 people but final quote on application.

  HOME & GARDEN HELP by 00Dano

2 examples: 

HALF DAY: Herbal Medicine consultation 1 hour, dispensing herbs 15mins, Massage 1 hour, gardening 1 hour 45 mins. 

Please Note: Medicines up to £50 are included in the deal. Paperwork, dispensing and posting/ bagging all takes time. I only account 15 mins for this. 

Cup of tea and introductory chat, Travel time and petrol are all extras that take up my time. I allow for all of this on the initial visit and like a relaxed atmosphere but expect any future visits to have a clear plan for the time taken

WHOLE DAY AT WEEKEND:  Herbal Medicine for 2 adults and 2 children and dispensing (3.5 hours) Odd jobs about the house (1.5 hours) Garden redesign and 3 hour gardens with possible plant identification and activities for the kids about nature. 

I can design a plan for your garden, for your lifestyle, diet and overall health so consider this and make the most of my time. I hope that it helps to get things on an upward spiral for you.


Being a medical herbalist is fun, Who else gets to go for a walk, pick some weeds, make medicines, listen to people and be able to help, see the benefits of the herbs and then go for a walk again. 

I have been asked to do workshops in schools, on allotments, at conferences and in museums. I love getting phone calls asking if I can do something fun, I nearly always say yes. When considering payment, please bear in mind that preparation can take a few hours, travel, materials used and if required a report can be written.

Planning Time may be added on top of price. 

Creative Workshops   

1 hour £75      

Half Day £140

1 Day £200

It is best to call me, Dan on 077 177 933 47 

Examples of Workshops:

Outdoor  Maths & Science with Year 5&6 Primary school pupils. Plants, gardening, pond making, maths in a beetle drive, potion making.

Surviving the Plague with Herbs - Film project with Year 7 Secondary School pupils. Making remedies, history, film editing

Insects in Amber - creative soap making in a museum

Being the pharmacist in old apothecaries 

Herb gardening in Pupil Referral Units and allotments

Creative Science to Inspire Teachers - chemistry of bath bombs, trialling antibiotic properties of herbs

Gardening Courses -  From basic to in depth. Best done alongside a real project. Learn as you do. Permaculture is a great love of mine too.

Health and Herb Walks -enjoy the countryside and learn more about wild plants. 

Remedies for Specific Illnesses - Often with a patient support group

Interested in GP referred horticultural therapy. 

School projects over enough time to do some growing. 

Also love to do some things unrelated to herbal medicine. Good to keep a diversity of interests.