Dan Wheals Medical Herbalist M.N.I.M.H.
(Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists)

Please contact me for discuss how herbs can help you
Mobile: 077 177 933 47
Email: dano@herbaculture.co.uk
Twitter: @herbaculture
Clinics: Norwich, Ipswich, East Bergholt & Colchester

Choose to see a herbalist because:
The process of seeing a herbalist is all about you. An hour initial consultation and health MOT. A holistic plan set in motion to start the restoration of your health. I am happy to chat to explain anything beforehand so call me to see if herbs can help you.

The herbs themselves are as diverse as we are, complex chemicals, widely varying tastes and beautiful living things. Combining a blend of herbs leads to your unique medicine prescribed with you in mind.

Herbaculture is Dan's own business, an example of sustainable healthcare involving plant medicine. It uses local wild plants alongside bought herbal preparations. Holistic involving diet and lifestyle tips, addressing emotions, stresses and life issues. Western medical herbalists are trained to work with orthodox medicine and I spent 4 years studying herbal medicine at Napier University in Edinburgh.

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